2011 Virgin Chardonnay


We have decided to give this wonderful pure style of un-oaked Chardonnay the name “Virgin” as it describes the ‘innocence’ of this wine which has been retained without any influence of oak.
Delightful aromas of peach, passionfruit and jasmine flowers introduce this true expression of Chardonnay. This wine has been created without any influence from oak, giving ‘virginal’ flavours of sweet yellow peach and pineapple with lovely balance and length. Wonderfully fruity and refreshing on the finish.


Clone 15 Chardonnay planted as two metre wide rows, two metres between vines, trained as two cane VSP. Predominant soil type is clay loam with pumice sub layers. Cropping levels are vine specific, decided at pruning and again at fruit set. Canopy management aims at maximising air flow, sun exposure and fruit health.
Analyses at harvest 29 March 2011:
Brix: 22.8
pH: 3.62
TA: 6.9g/L


Harvested at the coolest time of the day, this Chardonnay was pressed immediately with minimal skin contact to maximize the expression of fruit and aroma without bitterness from the skin. The juice was partially clarified by settling at cool temperatures, and then carefully fermented with aromatic yeasts to maximise aroma and fruit expression. Partial malolactic fermentation adds texture and length to the final wine. Very carefully fined with fresh skim milk prior to bottling.

Analyses at bottling:
pH: 3.67
TA: 6.375g/L
Alc: 12.6%
RS: 4g/L

Awards Info

Recommended by Winestate Magazine (Michael Cooper )
Bronze Medal - Bragato 2012

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